Repairs Time Schedule

House to Home will attend within and endeavour to complete the works within the repair time schedule as set out below. 

Category A - To attend within 4 Hours.

  • Any issues that are deemed to be serious and an immediate risk to the occupant or the property. 

Category B - To attend within 24 hours.

  • Complete loss of power. 
  • Complete loss of lights.
  • Complete loss of heating (between 31st October and 1st May).
  • A minor leak from a domestic pipe if the leak is not containable and/or it is causing damage to the property or belongings.
  • Broken toilet. 
  • Make safe and board up broken window(s). 
  • Replacing required internal fire doors.
  • Replacing / fixing broken stairs or floor boards.
  • Re-securing stair carpet. 
  • Replacing or fixing safety alarms. 
  • Domestic drainage within the accommodation. 

Category C - To attend within 5 days.

  • Complete loss of heating (between 30th April and 1st November).
  • Complete loss of hot water. 
  • A minor leak from a domestic if the leak is containable. 
  • No lighting in one room. 
  • Unable to gain access or secure door and/or windows
  • Replacing of bannisters / handrail (if bannister / handrail is not present) 
  • Replacing of spindle (if more than one is broken)
  • Re-securing room carpet and carpet bar.
  • Replacing heating elements (depending on availability).
  • Replacing oven knobs (depending on availability).
  • Pest Control. 
  • Mould 
  • Replacing or fixing of bath panel or shower screen. 
  • Replacing bath, toilet or sink. 

Category D - To attend within 28 days.

  • Replacing window seals.
  • Replacing of bannisters / handrail (if handrail is also present).
  • Replacing of spindle (if only one is broken). 
  • Replacing / refit floor beading or skirting boards. 
  • Refit laminate floor. 
  • Securing or grouting tiles.
  • Replacing Lino. 
  • Fix cupboard, vanity units and/or drawers.
  • Refitting Kick boards.
  • Replacing or fixing shelves brackets or blocks.
  • Re-securing of curtains and/or blinds.
  • Replacing or fixing Plug Sockets (when others in room are working)  
  • Replacing to fixing domestic extractor fans

End of Tenancy

  • Replacing internal standard door. 
  • Carpet cleaning.
  • Cut down front and back garden (cutting grass and shrubs only).
  • Property clean (after rubbish removal).